Hiding In The Light

by Kimono Kult

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The hazy horizon of Los Angeles. Since it iproves perpetually unpredictable, it is not odd when one finds their co-conspirators in disparate locales, often smoothing out the vague and jagged status quos that are only a figment of our own minds anyway. Enter KIMONO KULT, who’s initiates include current and ex- members of Mars Volta, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bosnian Rainbows, Swahili Blonde, Le Butcherettes, Dante Vs. Zombies, and Raw Geronimo – all who are adamant that this is not some “all-star” vanity project. In fact, one cannot even SEE Kimono Kult - one can only HEAR Kimono Kult (in theory with the true definition of OCCULT as “something hidden”).

A new project recorded, produced and shot-called by Neurotic Yell CEO and Swahili Blonde mastermind Nicole Turley, Kimono Kult synthesizes all the signature styles and influences from a cream of crop wrecking crew she has at her immediate grasp. Vocally fronted by the untamable Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes, Bosnian Rainbows) their debut EP “Hiding In The Light” are four songs of electro/dub/afro-beat/ avant-freak/jazz-like conversations of instrumental ecstasy.

Opening the record, you hear Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (Mars Volta, Bosnian Rainbows) backwards string-arrangement on “Todo Memos el Dolor” (“Everything, Anything But The Pain”), initially reminiscent of Scott Walker’s “It’s Raining Today” before the drum machines anchor it into more modern territory. Teri's shrill vocals plead with hybrid emotion as they tip-toe through the minimalist abstraction, while hallucinatory synths help narrate the tapestry. "Las Esposas" (The Wives) begins with a mysterious spoken-word intro, referencing a taunting, dusty 16mm film that may hold such Jodorowskian phantasmagoria, beckoning the character like an estranged lover as Omar's slithering guitar line interlaces science-fiction beeps/bloops over Nicole's pounding electro-rhythm. "La Vida Es Una Caja Hermosa" (Life Is A Beautiful Box) sees some fractured, sour synths filling voids between a post-punk dub foundation, while guitar interplay between Dante White (Dante Vs. Zombies, Starlite Desperation) and John Frusciante help build a mountain of subtle sonic thunder before it all dissolves gingerly into unanticipated silence. The EP ends with it's catchiest accessible track "La Cancion de Alexandra" (Song Of Alexandra), an anthemic procession of self-realization where devotion and sacrifice hold hands. Some playfully sophisticated strings from Laena Geronimo (Raw Geronimo) push and pull with dueling trumpet lines to the forefront of this defiant, re-imagined march, Terri Gender Bender taking the role of the writhing Pied Piper as the credits begin to roll of this brief but incredibly resonant recording. - Gabriel Hart


released March 4, 2014

Lyrics by Teri Gender Bender

Performed by....
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - guitar, synths, strings
Teri Gender Bender - vocals, guitar
John Frusciante - guitar
Nicole Turley - drum machine, bass, synths, trumpets, backing vocals
Dante White-Aliano - guitar, synths
Laena Geronimo - bass, violin, trumpets

Recorded, mixed, produced, and mastered by Nicole Turley


all rights reserved



Neurotic Yell Records Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Todo Menos El Dolor
I was stubborn
Destroying all the remedies
Trying to conceive the voices that you gave to me

Eating with the cats
Eating with the colors
That want to take me off of it

You have to think of all my lost friends
You have to think of all my senses

I got lost in the middle of your essence
As I went in to the center of my conscience

Consciences respond to your pain
To your pain

Everything, anything but the pain
This pain


Terca fuí
Destruyendo los remedios
Tratando de concebir las voces que me diste

Comer con los gatos
Comer con los colores
que quieren quitarme de encima

Tienes que pensar en mis amigos perdidos
Tienes que pensar en mis sentidos

Me perdí en el medio de tu esencia
Me fuí en centro de mi conciencia

Conciencias responden a tu dolor tu dolor
A tu delor

Todo menos el dolor
Menos el dolor
Track Name: Las Esposas
In my house I own film that has to be developed
Develop the sixteen millimeter camera!
You people have to know how to begin to share the distortions
To know how to work well without rules

I have a black man in El Paso, El Paso; that I need
There is is a black man in El Paso, El Paso; that I need
He is very small!

Starting to share
With my wife
Who has already lost her mind

Starting to share with my wife, wife
Who has turned into a crazy strife

With this intention of trying to understand
Of trying to under-stand the art of loving

I am the wife
I love you!

Look at me but do not touch me
Loot at me but do not touch me
Look at me...

God is a symbol of your body
I do not like it anymore


En mi casa tengo rollos que se tienen que revelar
Revelar la cámara de dieciséis milímetros
Tienen que comenzar a compartir distorsiones
Saber trabajar bien sin reglas

Tengo un negro en El Paso, El Paso que yo necesitoay un negro en El Paso, El Paso que yo necesito
Esta chiquito!

Empezar a compartir
con mi esposa
Ya se volvió bien loca

Empezar a compartir
Con mi esposa, esposa
Se volvió bien re-loca

Con el intento de com-prender
De comprender el arte de amar

Yo soy la esposa
Yo te amo!

Mírame pero no me toques
Mírame pero no me toques

El Dios es el símbolo de tu cuerpo
Ya no me gusta
Track Name: La Vida Es Una Caja Hermosa
The action destroys me
The action controls me

The movement nudes me
The movement destroys me
The action is the balanced result
of movement directed by intelligence

of my inner sound, of my inner noise

The movement destroys me
The movement nudes me; strength without direction

Power without direction will never make it
Never, never; toward harmony

The dead
They speak and do not take action
They speak and do not forgive

The dead
Say farewell

The powers says farewell
The powers says farewell
and suddenly they shut up...


La acción me destruye
La acción me controla

El movimiento me desnuda
El movimiento me destruye

La acción es la resultante equilibrada
del movimiento dirigido por la inteligencia

...de mi ruido interno, de mi ruido interno

El movimiento me destruye
El movimiento me desnuda; fuerza sin dirección

Fuerza sin dirección no llegaría
Jamás, jamás; la harmonia

Los muertos;
Hablan y no accionan
Hablan y no perdonan

Los muertos;
Se despiden

Se despiden las fuerzas
Se despiden las fuerzas
y luego se callan.
Track Name: La Cancion De Alejandra
Foolish I have been
Drowning myself in fear

Flying with two
Is better than staring at the night alone

I will reject the good
Of all my loved ones

Because I am like this
Very ugly and poorly raised

Closed up, unstable!

I will exchange my faith
For a bit of your essence

Wanting to see my being
Complement this loss

Flying with you
Better than night watching the shores alone

I will swallow the evil
of all my loved ones

Closed up, unstable!


Necia soy
Ahogandome en el miedo

Volar con dos
Mejor que ver la noche sola

Rechazaré el bien
de todos mis queridos

Por que yo soy así
Muy fea y mal criada

Cerrada, inestable!

Cambiaré mi fe
Por un tanto esencia

Quiero ver mi ser
complementar la perdida

Volar con dos
Mejor que ver la noche sola

Tragaré el mal
De todos mis queridos

Cerrada, inestable

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