Deities In Decline

by Swahili Blonde

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“I feel like I’m finally comfortable in my own skin—warts and all,” Nicole Turley confesses. “There's a grace and ease to self-acceptance that's really nice.”

This state of balance in being had a crucial effect upon the 34 year old musician’s process in making Deities in Decline, her newest EP as Swahili Blonde. Founded as Turley’s solo project in 2009, Swahili Blonde has always involved a varied and multi-talented collective of musical contributors across its releases—including guitarist John Frusciante, Duran Duran bassist John Taylor, Slits guitarist Viv Albertine, Devo drummer Alan Myers, as well as Los Angeles scene staples Brad Caulkins (Fool’s Gold), Laena Geronimo (Feels, The Like, Raw Geronimo), and Dante White Aliano (Dante vs. Zombies). This particular release, Turley sees as being her first true solo venture. Although she produces and engineers all Swahili Blonde albums in her Los Angeles studio, this marks the first time she has performed everything herself, alongside the string stylings of Laena Geronimo.

Across the EP’s four tracks, Turley examines the concept of unrealistically idolizing the people in our lives we love most. “Whether they love us or hurt us, they become our gods,” she explains. “We build these beautiful temples for them, but because of the delusional energy, it must all come crashing down. For our own good.” On lead track “With Love and a Bullet,” Turley begins to tear down the pedestal, challenging the audience, as well as herself: “Why is it so hard?” she asks interrogatively, over electronic beats, dubby bass lines, and the luscious loops of Geronimo’s violin. “Why is it never enough?” Experimental pop with an emotional home, Deities in Decline is Turley seizing power through self-realization. “The tarot Tower card was a big inspiration. It's a decline of delusional power and the harm it causes us and the ones we love,” she notes. The EP also delves into familial themes on “Discover Aurora,” a song of hope Turley wrote for her goddaughter, in-which she inspires Aurora to “find her tribe of people, be fearless, and have the courage to be herself.”

Written by Breanna Murphy


released July 21, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Nicole in Los Angeles, 2012
Mixed and mastered by Nicole in Los Angeles, 2015

Violin performed by Laena Geronimo
Everything else performed by Nicole Turley

Cover photograph of Nicole by Sarah Sitkin, 2012

Special bonus track: The Cutter
Written by Echo & The Bunnymen
Music by Dante White Aliano
Vocals by Nicole Turley
Recorded and produced by Dante & Nicole


all rights reserved



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Track Name: With Love And A Bullet
Why is it so hard? Why is it so hard?
Would you not like to get caught?
When the ground caves in, who's your first shot?
Why are you so not? Why are you so not?
Were you the first one to see JR shot?
Spinning round and round, in this web your caught

Don't you know you're always under the Sun
Don't you know that you are not the only one
Under the Sun

Why are you so rough? Why are you so rough?
Weren't you the first one to make up stuff?
Bite worse than your bark, Officer McGruff
Why is it never enough? Why is it never enough?
Swing and sway, dance all day
And I call your bluff
Right as rain, fast as pain
Never good enough

Don't you know you're always under the sun
Don't you know that you are the one holding the gun
Under the Sun
Under the Sun
Track Name: Discover Aurora
Truth be told my little one from the Sun
Time leaves without a trace
Wishing longing hoping for
Something bright to shine and lead the way

We all wish to be peaceful and weightless
Floating in the serenity of space
Pulls us close and tight, that Light
Holds you safe, smiling, with a warm embrace
With a warm embrace

It's up to all of us to be strong, be brave
Feet on the ground, head in the sky
What's in between is for us to decide

Walk with us Aurora
In the lion's pride
Discover us Aurora
In the warrior's stride
In the warrior's stride....

Discover Aurora
Always look fear in the eye
Discover Aurora
Hope has never been shy

Discover Aurora...

Discover Aurora
Always look fear in the eye
Discover Aurora
Hope has never been shy
Track Name: Three In The Tree
Somewhere in eastern sky
There's a white cat with a diamond eye
And he says it's time
Somewhere in the western sky
There's a black cat with a fractured eye
And she says I'll go

It's time for fight or flight...

Somewhere there's a golden sky
The white cat smiles and closes his eyes
And he says it's time
Somewhere there's a violet night
And the black cat, in righteous delight
She says I'll go
I'll go

It's time - I'll go....

It's time for fight or flight...

Somewhere it's time for fight or flight
And the two cats walk toward a pale midnight
And they say
It's time - to go...
Track Name: Magdalene
Not so young anymore
Expired time to explore
Maybe not what I used to be
But I grow and set fire to the atrophy

Youth, it laughs like a child
And only lets you hold it for a little while
It's not dependable
It lacks dependable
So not dependable
Bring famine to your soul...

So out of control
out of control
Bring famine to your soul
in your soul
So you of control
out of control
There's famine in your soul
in your soul

Out of control in your soul

Out of control
Nothing in your soul
out of control
in your soul

Love is dependable
Love is insatiable
Love is the people
Bring fire to your soul...

Youth drifts away with the sea
I prefer to be free

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