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Siddhartha's debut LP > IF IT DIE

Because of soil made from gold flakes, and strips of cosmic flesh that fell from the astroplane, a tree grows in a place where everything has been replaced with city buildings. When the rainbow collapsed and the 4th dimension became too overpopulated, the Siddhartha came glaring with love, and diamonds in place of sinew and fingernails. Musically speaking, stare in the mirror a little longer, and then understand…

In November 2009, singer/songwriter Marlon Hauser met his fellow band mates while wandering the streets of San Francisco, in the middle of a permanent existential crisis. Upon that moment, their writing process began and has bewitchingly metamorphosized into an all-encompassing live musical transformative experience. While carving out an idiosyncratic niche for freak followers, Siddharthaʼs
music is becoming widely known as Dashiki Shoegaze – a genre all itself.

Marlon Hauser's reflection on IF IT DIE:
The record was recorded and mixed in my home at Maritime Hall, and in my friends living room when I was homeless for a bit last year. The recording process spanned from about September 2010 until the same time of year in 2011. During that period, I was either homeless or living in my current living space with no windows. It's made me a bit strange, I think. It's a good thing, I think. I'm able to escape the sound and interference of the outside world. It's akin to living in a sensory deprivation tank.

The story behind the record is the story of Siddhartha and what the entity goes through on this earth. A range of issues from love to morality, to violence, to the existence of the soul and is it possible to monetize the soul. It is also the personal story for me of how much I miss my son. I have sacrificed everything in my life to make music. Including my family. IF IT DIE … THEN GIVE IT LIFE. The world is changing; I believe that a huge influx of positive energy is needed to save us. Save the babies. Save the children. IF IT DIE is an observation of the world
from another entity.

Siddhartha is...
Marlon Hauser (Black Hole Oscillators) /// guitar, percussion, vocals
Max-Henri Guirand (Black Hole Oscillators) /// lead guitar
Eric Alonzo (Pills And Jackets) /// bass
Jesse Olswang (Pills And Jackets) /// drums

Neurotic Yell will be releasing If It Die May 1, 2012 digitally, on CD, and limited edition 12" hot pink vinyl + free dropcard download with bonus tracks.


released May 1, 2012

All songs written by Marlon Hauser
Diamond Dust co-written with Jesse Olswang

Performed by...
Eric Alonzo /// bass
Jesse Olswang /// drums
Marlon Hauser /// everything else

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Marlon Hauser & Alex Arias

Mastered by Alex Arias

Album cover painting by Noah Davis

Album art design by Thomas Galasso & Patrick O'Brien-Smith



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